maylortaylor (maylortaylor) wrote in gamingtattoos,

Galaga starship

 Hey guys!

I just recently re-joined LJ to help meet people interested in gaming. Looks like I have found the right crowd.

Before i show my tattoo, I would like to ask for anyone's help with something I am working on. 

 I am looking for a few people that are willing to share their story about why they got inked with the particular video game character or symbol they did. i am trying to write an article and would love to be able to use at least your first name and the story behind your favorite video game related tattoo. 

If you want to help me please contact me.

Now..... My Tattoo (sorry for the bad quality, i really should take a new one)

sorry for the bad quality. I really should re-take a new one.

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