Miley Jo Calderone (lenne_de_reuck) wrote in gamingtattoos,
Miley Jo Calderone

Mario and Luigi tattoo

This was in honour of my awesome sister, the Luigi to my Mario (even though I am more of a Luigi fangirl...but I digress). I changed the initials on the hats to match our names, and I meant for it to symbolize how I will always be there to help her reach her dreams. Corny, I know, but we've been through a lot together, and I really treasure our bond. :)


Tattooing (and cool artsy photograph) done by Jimmy Badong, of Hope 4 Pain Tattoos, in Tamuning, Guam.
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Oh, that is awesome. Great tattoo! I love the meaning behind it, too. <3
Thank you! I was really pleased with it...this guy is really good with vivid colour. I have a chest piece he did, too, this multi-coloured scarab, and it's similarly bold and bright.
Love it!! :)
Thank you! :)
Very cool; good background stories always make for good tattoos. And I really like the placement as well. But, I must also admit a not-so-minor curiousity about the salt shaker above it...
Well, this arm is my family arm, and that piece is one that I have a matching tattoo with my brother. It's kind of a long, silly story, but it comes from the Tourette's Guy skits on YouTube, the one where he screams FUCK SALT! and flings the shaker. If you could see all the way around, you'd see the salt has an F and the pepper has an S.
That's just awesome!!
Thank you! :)