Pyramid Kitty

Bioshock Big Daddy

I've posted my other gaming tattoo here before so I thought I would share my new(er) edition. He is the second piece in what I've decided will end up being an entire leg of gaming tattoos.

Right after the line work was all finished...

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Dragon Age Tattoo Ideas Needed

I really want to get a Dragon Age themed tat. I want the Grey Warden motto, but I'd like something a bit more than just text. Any thoughts on something to go with it? Nothing really big- I don't want a sleeve or a whole back piece here. Also, I don't mind tying in DAII things with the Origins motto. The only ideas people have given me elsewear is the griffon, and frankly I don't like griffons. So, ideas would be most appreciated... And pics if someone else happened to do a DA tat.

More ink? So Soon?

Matt at Professional Tattoos in Canton, Ohio did another one for me. I'm a big fan of the PC bullet hell shooter Touhou Project, and fell in love with Suika Ibuki. This was the result. The pic was taken right after it was done, and it's on the back side of my upper arm. It looks like a strange position because I was actually lying down on my stomach with my arm flopped over a small armrest. She's just about healed now, with a couple little scabs left!
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Ta da! Balloon animal Gru

Mario and Luigi tattoo

This was in honour of my awesome sister, the Luigi to my Mario (even though I am more of a Luigi fangirl...but I digress). I changed the initials on the hats to match our names, and I meant for it to symbolize how I will always be there to help her reach her dreams. Corny, I know, but we've been through a lot together, and I really treasure our bond. :)

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Tattooing (and cool artsy photograph) done by Jimmy Badong, of Hope 4 Pain Tattoos, in Tamuning, Guam.