Kitty McGee (zanarkand___sky) wrote in gamingtattoos,
Kitty McGee

Dance Dance Revolution/In The Groove

Speaking of DDR tattoos, I've had numerous requests to post mine as well haha. I didn't want to until I got it touched up and all that jazz!

I have been a part of the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) community scene since early 2003. This may seem silly to a lot of people, but some of the best friendships, relationships, and times of my life have come from this game. My life changed completely the afternoon I stepped into Tilt that January. Really. I've been to countless tournaments, and now know people all over the United States due to these gatherings. Not only that, but it has helped me lose over 100 pounds in the long run.
Side Note: I am actually good at dance games. I can 99% [ITG] pretty much everything up to harder 10's. Kthx.
Even if I'm not playing this game in a few years; the experiences, friendships, and amazing times I've had from this game will be cherished forever. Wilmington also recently received ITG2 in late July '08. I've been playing that like mad. I used to hate it, but have recently grown to love it so so so much. <3

Speaking of which, now I'm off to play some ITG with my friends.

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