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Mass Effect Tattoos

First time here and I admit I lurk this community for a while. Until now.

Recently, I played ( And still I'm playing these days ) Mass Effect 2 and when I met Zaeed Massani and I saw his tattoo at the upper-right arm and I kind of liking it.

However, I never saw this design or style as a tattoo. Does anyone of you know what kind of style it is, or it's just a creation by the illustrator who thought it was cool ? Also, I don't know if I'll make the tattoo with exactly the same, maybe more personnalize.

Anyway, here is the only shot I can find at best about the tattoo I'm talking about.

And maybe with this video wehen we met for the first time the veteran ( at 0:47 we can see clearly the tattoo ).

Any help is helpful.
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