Ashley (runner_ashley) wrote in gamingtattoos,

Final Fantasy VII

Hello all! I stumbled upon this community not too long ago, and I wanted to share the tattoo that I received just two days ago.

This is the fourth tat, and it's quite frankly my favorite video game. There's a small story behind this game as well.

My grandpa purchased Final Fantasy VII when it was first released and laid it on the kitchen table for me to see when I came home from school. He said I couldn't play it until I scored at least ten points in the basketball game I had that following weekend. He always gave me a goal to attempt to reach before I could get my 'reward'. I was determined to play that game, so I scored ten points. I came home and played FFVII non-stop. It was the first game that actually turned me into a gamer.

My grandfather passed away three and a half years ago, and he was the one that pretty much turned me into a gamer just from FFVII.

I'll be posting some more pictures as it heals, but I wanted to give a back story =) D'Wan Ellington of Under the Gun in Terre Haute, IN used his artistry on the tattoo. It also helped he was a FF fan and a gamer nerd, too! This picture was taken with a cell phone. Once I get home and have time, I'll be taking better pictures with my camera. Hope you guys like it!!

The location of the tattoo is approximately three inches above the knee on the right thigh.

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