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Cybernetic Arm: Call For Help...

So, I know I'm new to this community and I really hate to do something like this and be 'that guy' but for something like this, I will and deal with the consequences. And jenfoldsfive, please feel free to kill this post if you don't think it's appropriate.

For those of you that read my original post and those of you that haven't, I entered my cybernetic sleeve in a tattoo contest hosted by WRFF-FM 104.5. Voting, online voting, starts today, Wednesday, February 23rd and will run for who knows how long, and I have the chance to not only earn some much deserved recognition for the artists who contributed to me having this amazing piece of artwork with me forever, but also $1000 in prize money. Also, one lucky voter will win $500 just for voting. Not sure if there is some kind of residency restriction for that last bit but 104.5 does have online audio streaming so maybe, maybe not. You can even vote/enter to win once every 24 hours.

But, anyway, to make a long story short (I know, too late), if anyone has a second and is willing to help out, would you mind clicking on the link below and voting for my tattoo? I'm calling out to all the gamers and geeks I can find since although I don't mind loosing to quality work, I'd really hate to loose to an overly pointy piece of tribal b.s. or some excessively cutesie butterfly over shapely ass crack tramp stamp, which I could easily see happening.

Please click here to vote for my tattoo or go to the main list and vote for whichever tattoo you think is best and most deserving.

And again, sorry about posting this, but well, the artists deserve to see their work recognized and $1000 will by some new ink for me to post later... Lookin' a pulling together Dragon Age and Fable for a plate armor thigh piece next. Okay, that's probably not enough reason to excuse my behavior, but it's all I got.

Thank you.
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