Queen No0b of the ROFLcopters (l0verlada) wrote in gamingtattoos,
Queen No0b of the ROFLcopters

Bioshock Big Daddy

I've posted my other gaming tattoo here before so I thought I would share my new(er) edition. He is the second piece in what I've decided will end up being an entire leg of gaming tattoos.

Right after the line work was all finished...

Line work all healed up...

And let there be color! BAM!

Better view of the other side...

Please excuse what I think is the ugliest floor ever. He was done by the amazing Rhiannon at Shocker tattoo in Albany, NY. She drew him up from photo reference and pretty much read my mind every step of the way. Like the detail of Rapture's "sky"line in the base of the frame. The line work took about 2 hours. The coloring took more like 3 1/2. And just have to mention, she also did the Octopus (which is very very fresh, as in yesterday) and my previous gaming tattoo of "Pyramid Kitty".
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