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Ink Me Up 8-bit Style

Video Game Tattoos
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This community has been created to bring together people with the same love of video game tattoos. If you have one, you already know that the tattoo is about more than just a game. Share the ink, your story, inspiration, or your future ideas and help this community grow.

moderated by: jenfoldsfive

Just a few rules
-Tattoos have to pertain to a video game or pc game
-One or two main pictures of reasonable size displayed (nothing larger than 800x800), the rest behind a cut! To learn about livejournal cuts, please visit the following link.
-Along with your tattoo, make sure to let everyone know who inked you up. It's publicity for the tattoo parlor and the artist.
-Just be nice. It's the internet and I know sometimes people take liberties with their speech because they will never meet one another in person, but try to act civil. Just because a tattoo isn't something you would've done does not give you the right to act like a jerk.
-Telling someone their tattoo was done poorly is NOT considered derogatory as long as it's done in a tasteful manner. I wholly believe in letting someone know when they may want to look for a new artist.
-Images in this community should be your own. if the ink isn't attached to your skin, the post will be rejected.